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Importance of fasting

Desk. Fasting has long been considered an integral part of Jain religion. It plays an important role in the behavior of monks. Many people of Jain religion fast regularly, mainly during the Purushottam. Fasting destroys negative actions and helps us to come out of our own greed. It disciplines us for thinking that we eat for life and not live for food. Fasting is very popular around the world today for being healthy and poisoning. Fasting is a public work for Jain people. The whole community comes to listen to those who fast. People constantly ask about their health and give them their blessings. Fasting Association with the ability to bear pain and suffering means those people who practice it and are revered and respectable.

Although Jainism encourages any person to keep fast during the year, but this can be seen more during the Puranas festival. For the novice this journey is towards an unfamiliar area. This is an opportunity for experienced people to maintain the tradition. The day of fasting with your friends and relatives is celebrated as a big celebration. This is an entertaining time for children because they get a lot from the elderly. Inspired by the enthusiasm of my parents, when I had my first fasting during adolescence, it was my success to finish this fast with the least pain. It started with one day fast but after successfully doing it, it was made of two days, then three days and then four days. Lastly, the biggest fast that I had kept was eight days. Completing it was a great achievement and a matter of pride.

At the beginning I was amazed that my body and mind were really physically and mentally disciplined. Emotions like hunger, anxiety, lethargy and fatigue can be so strong that anyone has to surrender in front of it. However, I experienced that if hunger for stomach disappears after a few days, if there is no hope of getting food. Fasting relieves our stomach for some time from useless mines. So fasting is so good. After these experiences, I realized that once I had accepted my illusion of an illusion. (For example, at the time of fasting it is right to think that after eating it, which delicious food is to be eaten? Is it right that you keep fast but during that time you are buried under the personal and professional burden? Is this right? Is that my personality diminishment due to sluggishness and fatigue? Is fasting right when it is considered to be fast and nothing else).

Fasting is not about getting any physical access or fighting with emotions. It is about controlling spiritual goals and emotions. How our diet understands our emotions and encourages us to use positive energy in achieving spiritual goals, it is all about these things. First of all, it is an internal personal journey, not a prize winning race. We must separate personal experience from public acts. The festival is celebrated on the occasion of fasting. For fasting regularly, it should be used as a loosing pad. Fasting can help us in our renewal, to rejuvenate energy and to give new life to new life force. There can be only one winner between the fasting and the banquet. Try it for yourself and experience that light. The author is an investment manager of London. He has experienced many times eight days of fasting.

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