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A high power who guides us

Desk. I often used to say to my friends and family, “I am not a religious person.” I used to say proudly, “I believe in the philosophy of karma.” Worshiping religious places for worship and rituals Were ridiculous for It has been said that time is a powerful medium that helps us to go to the truth. This has happened to me. My life was distracted by negative elements and it was bowing down to me. I tried very hard to understand the hidden reason behind jealousy and malice but I did not get any answers. Self-analysis and analysis also did not help. Thinking like revenge and taking revenge come to mind. I started feeling discouraged. I began to feel pity on the power of myself.
My husband, who begins his day in the nearby temple and worshiped diligently, he understood my pain and suffering. They persuaded me to take part in meditation and ordinary rituals. My logical mind was not easily prepared for it, but after a few days religion became a source of inspiration and joy for me. My husband also persuaded me to go to the temple. Soon I became a member of the ‘5 A’ club and my meeting started daily with that Almighty. Thus my conversation started with God. I begin my inspirational and inspiring day by chanting mantras and by praying. My religious part gradually started moving towards spirituality. I felt a deep inside myself, a high power that guides us. My relationship with the Creator helped me solve many issues which I suspected. Although I was not able to forget my heart, but morning prayers made me feel confident and powerful. My conversation with Krishna ended my mental trauma and the prayers of the mother Durga made me strong.
But so far my problems were not over. The struggle is long but my relationship with God gave me infinite power. I heard my inner voice which gives me peace. It ended my sluggish feelings and the reason I started learning from my mistakes. Today, I have the same relationship with God which is one of our delicious food and we are always looking for. It is essential for the satisfaction and pleasure of the senses. My mind used to go astray in the trivial and unproductive closed streets and was full of thoughts that neither lifted my thinking nor were inspirational. But now it has become a hotbed of soothing and immeasurable deep topics. It took a while, but I searched for myself. A power saved me, whether we give it religion, spirituality or any other name.
It is certain that it is divine but with man-made rules, it has communicated peace, happiness and compassion within me. It’s constantly being enriched in my heart. Now the question remains whether I am religious? I do not know yet. The main thing is that I love the Lord. The thought is that I am one of their favorite children and under the protection of their benevolence and love.

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