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God accept humans only in this form

Desk. In Paramahansa Ashram, a Saint became more emotional in Josh Josh. In the middle of the mass chanting, he started crying and rolling on the ground with the name of God. Some saints do not like to do this. But when Yoganand was told about it, he said, “Ah – I wish that all of you would be filled with such enthusiasm!” We need to understand what is necessary for God. We probably know what spiritual life is about. But God does not care about our thinking. Nor do they care about our emotions and image which we have created in front of ourselves and in front of the world.
God accepts us exactly as we really are. And in whatever form we have, we have given birth to our consciousness. Our consciousness shapes the deeds, thoughts, and all the necessary emotions of our lives. One of the great Bengali saints of the 19th century, a disciple of Shri Ramkrishna came to the Ashram with a group of dancers, singers and artists. The entertainers were of lower caste, but Ramakrishna embraced him and expressed his love for him. After leaving them, some of his narrow thinking disciples asked him why you welcomed people of such small classes. So that great yogi said, “Now the god of those people who worship, that is dance and music.” He said with joy and said, “Ah – but they know how to worship their Lord” and that is why God is pleased. They do not present themselves as carefully as planned or organized in the way of the world.

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