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It is necessary for a happy married life

Desk. I always hear a complaint, “We keep on quarreling on small things. Every thing is debated. “The main reason for these disputes is only ego. During the dispute, both husband and wife think in their own mind that they understand and know everything better and that is why they decide to do every work ‘in their own way’. Such a decision does not satisfy anyone, nor does the debate end with such a decision. Our ego always thinks that I am always right and therefore the people around me should do what I say. Couples often start fighting on small things which later turn into a big argument. If you really stop the quarrel in the middle and ask, “What issue are you fighting on?” Then the two would not know the answer. This is not a way of life. We waste so much time in fighting or complaining that we forget that we love each other. For those things God has given us, we forget to thank him.
Once in Australia I was going through a car for a lecture program. The car stopped at a traffic signal. The windows of our car were locked, yet there was noisy noise coming from our car. There was a big car in front of which two beautiful children sat on the back seat. They were wearing very nice and new clothes. The children were very worried in those clothes, but they were trembling with fear and the tears of their eyes were flowing through their eyes. Their parents were sitting in the front seat, who were shouting at each other so loudly that their voice was also heard from us. They had a beautiful car, beautiful children and they were also good health owners, but still they were screaming at each other. What was the reason for shouting? Perhaps that issue will be very small. Perhaps he would be angry because his wife had spent a lot of time in preparing and therefore he would have been late for 15 minutes. Or that woman would have been angry because she had asked her husband to wear a tie and she would not have done it. Or perhaps the woman’s husband may have turned the train on the left on the previous signal, while the woman would be looking a straight path. One of these millions of things could be a reason, but I was convinced that this would not be happening with them for the first time.
Can not we take a deep breath and finish my ego? Is it necessary to put so much emphasis on yourself on every occasion? Can not we go ahead with anyone else’s decision even for a moment? Our bodies have been given limited amounts of vital energy. The days of our lives are limited and the energy spent for every hour of that day is also limited. We should not waste so many energies in fulfilling our desires and fighting them. I once read a very beautiful verse, “There is no such thing as ‘winning’ argument with your wife. If you have won in that debate, you have not really won, but have received your wife’s pain, anger and slander. “We work and insist on ourselves to the desires we want to get. However, instead of living or working for our desires we must live for the good, the good of others and the well-being of every living creature on this earth.

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