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Children of first and second classes will not get Homework

Desk. Human Resource Development Ministry (HRD) has banned the first and second classes of homework. The Ministry has also issued guidelines for reducing the weight of the school bag. The HRD Ministry has issued Circular in this regard to the States and Union Territories on behalf of the Department of School Education and Literacy.
The Ministry has determined the weight of children’s school bag from 1st to 10th class. This will get rid of the health problems of innocent children. Rules have also been made regarding children’s homework.

Children’s waist was having a bad effect because of heavy weight of school buses. In view of the health of the children, the government has issued a new guideline. The government has taken this decision to reduce the impact on health due to heavy bags on school children.

Rules on Homework:
According to the report, children studying in the first and second classes have been refused homework. Instructions have been given that only children will be taught language and math. Teaching students from 3rd to 5th class should be taught only with language, EVS and Math from the syllabus of NCRT. It has been said that children do not come with any additional (Extra) books and any heavy items in school. This can make their bag heavy.
According to classrooms, the weight of children’s school bag has been determined according to the guidelines.

Weight of School Bag:
First Class to Second Class
The weight of the bag should be 1.5 kg.
Third class to fourth class
The bag weight ranges from 2 kg to 3 kg.
6th class to seventh class
The weight of the bag up to 4 kg
Eighth class to ninth grade
Weight of bag up to 4.5 kg
Tenth class
The weight of the bag should be 5 kilograms.

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