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Interesting facts about the Andaman Sentinel Tribe

Desk. Incident of the murder of an American tourist by the Sentinel tribe of Andaman Nicobar Islands is now under discussion. Media reports suggest that American tourists John Allen was trying to promote Christianity on Chau Sentinel Island, but the tribals of Sentinel tribe were attacked and attacked by their arrows.

Actually, the Sentinel tribe has been isolated from the world for thousands of years. It is believed that they are living apart from the world because they want to stay away from common people’s diseases. India’s humanist Triloknath Pandit is the only person who has been able to establish contact with this tribe. He had made several trips to this island between 1966 and 1991.

Interesting information about the Sentinel tribe
• Centinal tribes do not cultivate nor do animals. They eat fruits, honey, pomegranate, pig, turtle, fish.
• They have not eaten salt or have not tasted sugar. It is said that these people do not even know how to burn fire.
According to Triloknath Pandit, an Indian anthropologist who contacts this tribe, there is no head of their group but arrogants who make arrows, spears, baskets, huts etc. are respected.
• The tribes of these islands do not get married in a close relationship.
• According to the information, the children of this tribe start standing on their own feet, from that time they begin to train them to make arrows so that they grow up and become respectable.
• There are various practices of Sentinel tribe in which some are quite interesting. For example, if one of these tribes dies in the hut, then there is no one in that cottage.
• On being sick, only herbs and pooja are recited. These tribes also believe the ghosts too. They have good and bad ghosts in their eyes and they also worship them.
Interesting information about Jarawa tribe
• Similarly, tribals of ‘Jarva tribe’ live in the Andaman Islands on the South and Central Islands. Jarawa men and women are usually nude. They wear some ornaments, leaves or small pieces of cloth on the lower body of the body.
• The tribes of Jarwa tribe are darker in color and dark in stature. If the child’s color is a bit blonde then believe that his father is from another community and kills the child. For which there is no penalty in the community. The police are ordered not to interfere in it.
• People of Jarawa tribe hunt animals with arrows and spears and take them as food. It is said that these people consider honey as a favorite food. Their population has decreased annually, according to an estimate, their population is currently between 250 and 400.
• In the year 1956, five tribes of Andaman Nicobar including Jarawa were given the status of the original tribe, including Great (Great) Andamanese, Onge and Sentinalei.

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