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Junk Food increases dangers of depression : Study

London. The risk of depression can increase rapidly due to the consumption of fast food, cakes and sophisticated meat. This has been revealed in a study. The researchers from the Manchester Metropolitan University of Britain have found that the risk of developing an increased incidence of cholesterol, fat and carbohydrate, which can increase the risk of depression by 40 percent. A team has analyzed the data of 11 studies based on the relationship between depression and burning diets. This analysis has been done on one million people of different breed of 16 to 72 years spread across the Americas, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Symptoms of depression and depression were found in participants during all the studies. In all studies, the risk of depression and its symptoms was nearly one and a half times more than those who consumed irritation.

The results of the study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition show that there is a danger of depression among people of all age groups and sex. Steve Bradbarn of Manchester Metropolitan University said, “This study can help in the treatment of depression and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s.” He said, “Instead of treatment, this danger can be avoided by changing its diet.

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