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India on booking Hafiz Saeed : We have seen this ‘action’ before

Desk. A day after Pakistan asserted that it had booked 26/11 Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed and others in terror financing cases, India has reportedly called out the neighbouring country’s sham move, stating that it had already seen this ‘action’ before.

“We have seen this ‘action’ before. It is important that the action is irreversible and verifiable,” government sources were quoted as saying by a news agency.

Pakistan on Wednesday announced that it had booked Saeed, 12 of his aides and four more organisations in Lahore in cases of terror financing.

The terrorists have been booked for collection of funds for terrorism financing through assets registered in the names of non-profit organisations including Ak- Anfaal Trust, Dawat ul Irshad Trust etc, Pakistan media reports.

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