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Is dictatorship India’s subconscious desire?

Debak Bandyopadhyay

Kolkata, 6 April 2020: Lately Modi has shown the magic twice. First, when he announced the much needed janta curfew and inspired the nation to ring bells to demonstrate it’s solidarity to those who are directly associated with the corona service. The country, without generous discontent did as he had appealed. Albeit a section of people did much more, they couldn’t rule out the command of an individual over his countrymen.

Secondly, on the 5th of April, 2020 almost the entire country displayed their obedience to a man, who is none other than Narendra Damodar Das Modi.

These two instances, back to back – janta curfew on March 22 and yesterday, the illumination, have begotten a completely different idea of an equally different India. Slowly but firmly a new thought is popping up. A question is emerging gently: does India desire dictatorship? At least in their subconscious, do the people of the country want to bestow their destiny in the hands of an individual?

Since independence, the biggest democracy has experienced a lot. People have seen and have felt that the democracy of this country may be the biggest in size but in character, it has repeatedly failed to fulfill the democratic needs, rather, the demands of real democracy. Exploitation of the poor, domination of the upper class, lack of justice for the poor and middle classes and individuals who have no political connection continue to blemish this democracy. Article 15 of the Indian Constitution gets raped every day, every moment by a section of the ‘influential’ people. Exceptions do exist but exceptions don’t prove the rule.

Common people are losing faith in the government. For them, the government is nothing but a person, a member of the parliament or of the state assembly, on whom they don’t feel it in themselves to count upon. In most cases a common man can not reach a member of parliament or assembly, their fate is in the hands of one of the cronies of the big leader.There is no faith in administrations like local police stations which are alleged to be controlled by local political leaders who always have political preferences.

Even when it comes to media they can’t have faith, as most of the big media houses are politically motivated and work as a public relations agency for one or the other political party.
People have understood that for the political parties, democracy is nothing but a number game. They are fed up with the so called democracy which certainly gives one the licence to abuse the Prime minister or the Chief minister but that ultimately makes no sense. The King comes and the king goes but the situation remains the same. Humiliation and exploitation prevails.

Do the people want to come out from this vicious cycle?
On the day of janta curfew and on 5 April’s, 9pm9min initiative they have gifted Modi a hand full of faith and obedience.
A man has made almost the whole country ring bells and light diyas in a short span of time.
A big question is presenting itself: do most of the Indians secretly desire to be ruled by a single person? Do they desire for dictatorship in their subconscious?

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