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Rowling’s magical means away from C19 fears

Mudra Banerjee:

It is the 22nd day of universal lockdown. In these 22 days, the most unsettling news of all kinds from casualties to deaths, from poverty to unintended killings, have wrought us with anxiety and fear. Not just our Indian subcontinent, but the world at large has been fighting a severe battle against COVID-19, the Novel Corona virus.
All of us, no doubt have been afraid to sneeze or cough, or let ourselves feel the ache of a sore throat. Naturally enough, at some point or the other, we have all been convinced that we had the corona.

Renowned British author, J.K.Rowling, recently took to Twitter to keep the world aware and healing as always. The tweet reads: “Please watch this doc from Queens Hospital explain how to relieve respiratory symptoms. For the last two weeks I have had all symptoms of C19( tho haven’t been tested) and did this on doc husband’s advice. I am fully recovered and technique helped a lot.”. Needless to say, the tweet rapidly went viral.
The doc she speaks about, Dr. Sarfaraz Munshi, of Queens Hospital, London, offers a simple respiratory test to get rid of your COVID-19 symptoms. This breathing exercise is done by inhaling for five seconds, holding your breath for five seconds and finally exhaling. Do this repeatedly, and on the sixth deep breath, do the ‘big cough’ by covering your mouth. According to Dr. Munshi, this breathing exercises should be done twice before lying down face front on a pillow and breathing slightly deeper for 10 minutes.

By vouching for the doctor’s instructions, the celebrated author acts as a support for millions around the world who are at the moment, scared and worried. By acknowledging the fact that she herself had suspected that she had C19 symptoms, she makes herself a kin to all the people who are afraid of their sneeze and cough. She makes it so much easier as a human to make sure the people are not scared of the disease but aware and concious. She makes today’s unnatural fears seem normal and acceptable, keeps the people trusting and gives them an amazing solution to get rid of their doubts.
The amazing doctors, Dr. Munshi and Dr. Elliott, deserve more than a shout out.
What is more, this cure comes almost as a bout of Madam Pomfrey’s magical medicines that find a place in her magical books. It magically cures not just your symptoms but also your doubts and fears. While we still don’t have access to the vaccines being invented with great turmoil by the world’s scientists(who we are hugely indebted to), Dr. Munshi comes up with a simple, yet useful cure to all your symptoms and fears. And if that ain’t a wizarding brain, we dunno what is!
And we know, that this lady, a hero with the kids and the grown ups alike, shall remain a hero, forever there to assure and guide.

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