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Sonia’s decision to pay labour: the bubble bursts


Congress is sponsoring all the home bound travels of migrant labourers : for last few hours this news is attracting the attention of thousands as it seems to be a big initiative on the part of Sonia Gandhi and the Indian National Congress.
The Party’s social media players are also very enthusiastic to show off the generosity and greatness of their leaders or 10, Janpath so to speak.

Members and followers of the Congress party are naturally very happy and have shown their happiness in full swing. In this announcement of Sonia, according to political observers, they have found a victory over Modi at least on one one point in the fight against covid 19 virus. The impression is that the Central Government is doing nothing by way of returns for labourers and the Congress has taken their side. To them, it’s a big advertisement for the party and a grand image booster.
Sonia has no doubt shown a good gesture. Neither has she criticised the government nor announced any amount. She has just declared that she or her party wants to bear the expenditure of the journey of the migrant labourers.
There is no question with of doubting her endeavour.

But the story has a twist. The balloon is not so big as it has been portrayed by some pockets. Leader of the Congress in parliament Adhir Ranjan Choudhury has said in a video recording that the Central government, rather Indian Railways is spending 85 percent of the total cost.

West Bengal Congress President and very senior leader of the party Somen Mitra has clearly stated to Channel Hindustan over phone that ‘Congress is not spending 85 percent of the total amount.” In his words, “If any state government fails to bear their part, that is 15 percent, we will do the needful.”
Finally at the end of the day the big bubble has burst. But most of the political leaders are of opinion that Sonia has shown a good gesture.

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