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Should parents keep paying their children’s school fee? A teachers perspective

Mou Banerjee:

Mou Banerjee

Yes, we have accepted all the changes in the teaching pattern to make our students comfortable. I know it is our duty, our first priority as we are teachers and it is our job to build the society, whichever way it might be. Yes, we have accepted the challenge.

Now my question is, are our challenges even being recognised?
There is a big hue and cry around the country to waiver the fees of the schools. May we ask why? If it is our duty to continue with teaching and providing education then why should I we not get our reward at the end of the day? Today, most of the private schools are trying to provide the best to their students digitally. They are doing it even if it is against their will. They are doing it because situation demands so. Students are being guided, the syllabus is being taken care of and even tests, which earlier seemed to be beyond the digital prospect, are being conducted.

If the fees are waivered how do we survive? How do the transport providers survive? How do the sweepers and group D staff survive? If the government school teachers are paid in full without providing any service, we deserve the same and so do the non teaching staff. We all are doing our bit of the job whole heartedly so it is now the turn of the society to do their bit.
MPs and MLAs are requesting the schools to waiver the fees. What an ironical situation! They take their reward from us, the tax payers, at the end of the month and ask the school to do away with the fees!
We had to go for a digital transformation overnight, we have foregone our privacy by opening our houses for public viewing, we have to work overnight to plan out innovative ways of teaching with minimal resources, we are teaching with the parents are watching over the shoulders of the students judging us for every little move but we carry on as our duty demands it.

Dear parents, it is now your turn to do your part of the job.
Salute the gurus who are working relentlessly for your children.
Not paying the fees can never be the solution. The very people who sit behind their computer screens and social media accounts and bring to light the inhumanity of those who are not paying their domestic help are the very ones who refuse to pay their children’s teachers. It’s time for you to appreciate the efforts the schools are putting in to keep the system moving. It is time to recognise the efforts that each individual is making today to keep the country moving. It is time to bring about effective changes to our mentality.
It is time to stop criticising and start appreciating.

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